Legal Marijuana USA

The topic of legal marijuana and legal medical marijuana is very popular at the moment. The vast majority of people are for the legalization of medical marijuana and still many think marijuana should also be legal inRead more ›

Leglize Marijuana across the World

There is a lot of debate at the monet accoss the USA as to whether medical marijuana should be legalized. This is great to see as this is the first step wowards legalization of medical marijuana. MaybeRead more ›

Marijuana Treats PTSD

THC, the active constituent in cannabis, might have the power to prevent or treat post-traumatic stress disorder, says an Israeli study.

California’s Medical Marijuana Shops

While some Californian communities are attempting to bring regulation and order to the supply of medical marijuana, others are trying to ban weed altogether.

Sad Legalization of Medical Marijuana News

Unfortunately the federal government have just  announced that they will continue raids on legal medical marijuana dispensaries in California. The federal government have gone against Barack Obama’s recommendation not too prosecute users or suppliers of Medical MarijuanaRead more ›

Legal Marijuana for Everyone

Today I thought I would share an interesting story from one of our visitors in relation to legalizing marijuana: I’m definite, I smoke pot, sounds like an “AA” meeting in here. I’m a former police officer. IRead more ›

Where is it legal to use Medical Marijuana?

There is much debate as to whether medial marijuana should be legalized in the USA. Some US patients who require medical marijuana for their treatment  have been forced to move to a legal medical marijuana state, toRead more ›

UK Drug Adviser Fired

In a surprise move, Britain’s top drug adviser was fired yesterday. His crime? He said that marijuana, ecstasy and LSD were less dangerous drugs than alcohol.

California Marijuana Regulation: State Hearing Live

Today the California state Assembly are looking at whether marijuana prohibition should be replaced with a system of regulation and taxation. Watch the proceedings live: California State Assembly Marijuana Regulation Hearing

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