Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A House committee considering a bill which was titled the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act. Thus did the Pennsylvania legislature dip its toe into the roiling waters of the legalization debate for the first time yesterday.

Marijuana: Prohibition or Regulation?

Tthere appears to be a worldwide shift towards a more tolerant attitude towards marijuana. And the surprising fact is that the driver for this new thinking is not left-wing, militant and liberal; on the whole the support for leniency comes from ordinary folk across the whole political spectrum

US Marijuana Laws: A Hypocrisy?

With current marijuana laws remaining largely unenforced have we gone back in time to the corruption and racketeering of the 1930’s?

Medical Marijuana Cafe in Oregon

The owner of a newly opened medical marijuana cafe in Oregon explains how holders of medical marijuana cards use the facility.

72 year old Medical Marijuana Activist

I write a column” Ganja Granny Sez, “My name is Arlene Williams. I am a medical Marijuana activist. I suffered with 3rd stage breast cancer which spread 3 times. I also volunteered for what I thought wouldRead more ›

Legal Marijuana USA

The topic of legal marijuana and legal medical marijuana is very popular at the moment. The vast majority of people are for the legalization of medical marijuana and still many think marijuana should also be legal inRead more ›

Leglize Marijuana across the World

There is a lot of debate at the monet accoss the USA as to whether medical marijuana should be legalized. This is great to see as this is the first step wowards legalization of medical marijuana. MaybeRead more ›

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