Grow Medical Marijuana

Please share your thoughts on people growing medical marijuana to help their illness? What places in the world is it legal to grow medicinal marijuana? Has anyone been given permission from the government to grow medical marijuana?Read more ›

Hangover Cure

There are lots of hangover cures reported by many people. Some are old wives tails and others are brilliant helping you through the difficult sick feelings. I have used marijuana a number of times to relieve theRead more ›

Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia affects many of us during our lives. There are stacks of different remedies, many of them don’t work that well. Can anyone who suffers from insomnia, talk about sleeping remedies. In particular any experiences with marijuanaRead more ›

Celebrities who support Medical Marijuana

Celebrities such as Montel Williams, do some great work by supporting medical marijuana. Please post comments on any celebrities you know who support medical marijuana, also a bit about why they are famous.

Where is it legal to smoke Marijuana?

People who would like to take medical marijuana, may consider living where medical marijuana or marijuana is legal. Please write about places where medical marijuana is legal. Also a bit about about the particular area and whyRead more ›

Should Marijuana be used to treat Depression?

Should marijuana be used to treat people with depression? Or should marijuana be used in the short and or long term fight against depression. Alternatively you may feel that marijuana should not be prescribed for depression, peopleRead more ›

Cooking with Marijuana

Many people suffering from the debilitating affects of illness start smoking marijuana. This can be very difficult or virtually impossible to take the harsh smoke into the throat and lungs. So eating marijuana is a great wayRead more ›

Marijuana Vaporizer

vaporizers are a great way for people to take their marijuana. It is much easier to inhale vapor which travels smoothly into the lungs. Bongs and pipes are usually too harsh for medical marijuana patients. Even recreationalRead more ›

Why is Medical Marijuana not legalized?

Great to see that we have received so many comments from our first post. I can see from your comments that you feel medical marijuana should be legalized. The reason being that marijuana can help people withRead more ›

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Do you think Marijuana should be used in medicine. Please explain the reason for your opinion? You may want to give real life examples of how Medical Marijuana has helped or hindered someone you know. We wouldRead more ›