Wyoming’s Medical Marijuana Case

The City of Wyoming is currently dealing with a medical marijuana patient with diabetes who has challenged an ordinance from 2010 that states it’s illegal to cultivate marijuana in Grand Rapids suburb according to local zoning laws.Read more ›


Kind For Cures Dispensary

We all know that medical marijuana is not exactly breaking news in California. In fact, medical marijuana dispensaries are popping all over the place. However, amidst all this serious business of legalization and regulation, sometimes its goodRead more ›


Questionable Dispensary Ban in Massachusetts

Massachusetts was never intended to have it easy as far as medical marijuana was concerned. Even after Question 3 was voted for, which consequently legalized cannabis use for medical purposes, there was some doubt that this willRead more ›


Update on the medical marijuana battle in Ohio

Ohio is thinking about putting the medical marijuana issue on a ballot so the people could actually vote on whether they want to legalize medical marijuana or not. However, there are groups, communities, organizations that are tryingRead more ›

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