Bipolar Disorder & Cannabis

It is a well-known fact that cannabis is a very successful ailment to many illnesses currently out there. It is a powerful ally when you are battling disease of almost any kind. However, the problem with marijuanaRead more ›

Are Illegal Marijuana Dealers Still In Business?

So, there was this interesting article in an online magazine recently that says how, according to research, there is a certain percent of teenagers who still buy marijuana illegally from drug dealers. The article also states thatRead more ›

The Cannabis Breathalyzer Test

The advantages of marijuana over alcohol are obvious. For one, marijuana does not induce aggressive behavior. Second, cannabis will not deteriorate your health to the point of no return, which is something that couldn’t be said forRead more ›

Medical Marijuana Legalization Establishes Primary Care

Initial Impressions As the foremost medical marijuana specialist integrating primary care and medical marijuana therapy, it felt underwhelming seeing primary care requests so outnumbered by Delaware’s medical marijuana consultations. It was not meant to be the startRead more ›

Marijuana Use Is On A Downhill Slope

One of the main problems of marijuana legalization was that it might lead to harder drugs. Well, that’s what the government thought anyway. However, as we have written on numerous occasions, the public image of medical marijuanaRead more ›

Marijuana Strains That Contain THCV

We have already written plenty of articles on how marijuana remains heavily under researched. Times are changing though; mostly due to the overwhelming support marijuana has gained over the years. The general public is starting to realizeRead more ›

Marijuana Potency: Then & Now

We have all heard the stories, right? Man, back in 1969, marijuana was far less potent than is today. Back then, you could smoke an entire joint and still be able to walk back home. Today, youRead more ›

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