Could Cannabis Help Alzheimer_s Patients

Could Cannabis Help Alzheimer’s Patients?

The idea of using marijuana to treat Alzheimer’s is still not a popular one. However, because treatment options are limited, and marijuana is becoming widely recognized as a cure for numerous diseases and conditions, research over theRead more ›

Washington Bill Up For Debate

Washington Bill Up For Debate

A funny thing happened in 2012. Washington legalized marijuana. In line with Colorado, we expected that things will go smoothly and Washington would be able to learn a thing or two from Colorado, specifically on how toRead more ›

The Consequences of Growing Weed in Florida

The Consequences of Growing Weed in Florida

Just recently, Mr. Varona was accused of cultivating marijuana in his own garden in Southwest Miami-Dade. The police raided his apartment and found 15 cannabis plants, which are bound to produce more than 25 pounds of weed.Read more ›

Big Changes are Coming to California_s Medical Marijuana

Big Changes are Coming to California’s Medical Marijuana

California’s billion-dollar medical cannabis industry was for years overseen by local governments. Everyone complained about this “anything-goes” environment, but it wasn’t until now that things came under a statewide regulatory system. It will happen through a packageRead more ›

Oregon_s Bipolar Cannabis Legalization

Oregon’s Bipolar Cannabis Legalization

As you probably know by now, Oregon has legalized marijuana. Sales begun in October, 2015 and it seems that things are bound to go as smoothly as ever. However, new information has recently reached various news outletsRead more ›

2015_s Most Notable Cannabis Studies

2015’s Most Notable Cannabis Studies

As the year 2016 approaches, we figured this is a good time to look back and reflect on what happened in the world of science when it comes to cannabis and its healing potential. So far, thisRead more ›

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