Riverside Banning Mobile Dispensaries As Well?

When somebody mentions California, two things that instantly pop up are The Governator and marijuana. Over time, both became brands that California was known for and Cali became USA’s own personal Amsterdam. We already covered all theRead more ›


CBD – A Miracle Compound?

CBD is THC’s best friend. It’s a compound found in marijuana that has almost miracle-like effects on the body. For a long period of time it was believed that THC is the compound responsible for curing cancerRead more ›


De-stigmatizing Marijuana

The history of marijuana is a weird one. Without dwelling too much on the past, it is safe to say that marijuana has always been around and, therefore, has always been available to the public, in oneRead more ›


FDA Makes Sure Marijuana Stays Illegal

New York has been seriously considering lowering marijuana possession penalties. We all know that most people smoke marijuana, yet 45,000 people have been arrested last year for possession alone. Most of those people are young colored men.Read more ›


How To Legalize Weed?

Last weekend, over 50 state leaders got their act together and decided to show up at the same place at the right time. The place was Atlanta and they were part of a workshop sponsored by NationalRead more ›


Measure F or Measure D?

Giving the power to the municipalities to ban dispensaries never sounded like a good idea. However, on May 6th, 2013 the Supreme Court of California did just that. Cities in particular now have the power to decideRead more ›


Washington State Marijuana Update Pt. II

If taxes on recreational marijuana increase, two markets would emerge, one for medical and one for recreational marijuana. According to Rep. Reuven Carlyle, that’s not good. We should be working towards a single market, one that willRead more ›


Washington State Marijuana Update Pt. I

It’s so interesting to write about the implementation of marijuana regulations because what we’re witnessing here is history in the making. Ever since Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, the heat over those two statesRead more ›

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