More Medical Marijuana needed in New Mexico

There’s a reported shortage of medical marijuana in New Mexico.  With just five medical marijuana dispensaries serving almost 2,000 registered patients, the distributors have no chance of keeping up with demand.  It’s estimated that, realistically, one distributor can supply 35 patients – so where are the remaining eighteen-hundred plus going to get their medication?

The answer is simple – they’ll get their cannabis off the streets, which is exactly what the medical marijuana program that was set up in 2007 seeks to prevent.  With recent additions to the list of qualifying medical conditions, the situation is not going to improve any time soon unless the state provides more funding for the program.

NM Patients Face Medical Marijuana Shortage



  1. I feel new mexico needs more support. I for one use because it helps me be a more productive person and appreciate the benefits i recieve from smoking marijuana.

  2. Hello out there,

    Aloha. The THC Ministry has an answer for the people of new Mexico. We have ten years of experience in serving the people of Hawai’i with our services and our Cannabis ‘sacra-medicine’. Your state’s people should be able to experience the blessings of a Constitutional right to grow and consume Cannabis for spiritual and healing purposes as we’ve demonstrated here in Hawai’i and in California, Montana and Ohio.

    Churches are supposed to be where persecuted and sick people can go to for refuge and sanctuary. In many cultures for hundreds of years it’s been where moral authority overtakes legal authority for the public good.

    If anyone there in New Mexico wants to contact me for my input and a plan to serve the sick and disabled people of your state, I hereby invite you to do so. Mahalo.

    All the very best to you,

    Roger Christie, Founder

    THC Ministry

    (808) 217-9352


  3. is it legal to grow marijuana in one state, such as Nevada, and mail it to New Mexico since there is a shortage?

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