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Its campaign-time for America and some of this election action is bound to rub off of medical marijuana. It’s an issue being frowned upon for so many decades, almost with the same zest as with gay marriage. And, like gay marriage, medical marijuana is only legal in some states. But, political forces are hard at work to either contain the widespread of medical marijuana dispensaries or to nip them in the bud. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a republican or a democrat, when medical marijuana is on the table – they are all pretty much against the issue or just seem to be ambivalent towards it.

Republicans Not In Favor of Medical Marijuana

Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee, recently went on air for KRDO-TV and stated that its not really up to him to decide whether medical marijuana should be legalized in all states or not. While he doesn’t advocate the legalization of medical marijuana, he believes that we should let the states decide on whether this would be a good idea or not.

Expectedly, Mitt Romney is claiming that marijuana should still be considered as a gateway drug, especially for young people. He also went so far to say that the entire idea of medical marijuana revolves around the ultimate goal – the complete legalization of cannabis. And that’s not an option he approves of. Basically, if he is elected, he could eradicate the word “marijuana” from the English language, even though there are tens of thousands of patients reaping the benefits of medical marijuana every single day.

Romney and WeedDemocrats Can’t Make Up Their Mind

The Democrats, on the other hand, are not that convinced that medical marijuana should be allowed in the entire country either. But the Democrats seem to turn as the wind blows regarding the issue. One day they are against it, the other day for it. Ultimately, congress decides whether the legalization will occur and to what extent. So please bear in mind that the recent marijuana dispensary shut down is still happening under the Obama administration.

Why not?

The reason why both parties stray from the issue is because the marijuana target demographic is not the most dependable group of voters in the world, or the most numerous for that matter. They are considered stoners who cant get off the couch or don’t have the will to do anything, let alone make a difference in the world. As such, they don’t really present a force strong enough to be argued with or let alone agreed with.

However, reality is quite the opposite as the number of people reaping the benefits from medical marijuana is growing each day, along with the number of scientific studies that resulted in significant breakthroughs in medicine. Instead of acknowledging facts, Politics is saying: “You can’t rely on stoners to win an election, let alone a handful of medical marijuana users, so why bother doing anything for them?”



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