Medical Marijuana in Indiana

Back in April of this year, the Indiana Senate passed a resolution to investigate potential changes to the State’s medical marijuana laws and the potential effects of any changes.

The first meeting of the Sentencing Policy Study Committee session is scheduled to take place at 1.00 p.m.on July 28 (Thursday this week) in Room 431 of the Indianapolis Statehouse.

Please do go along to express your support; remember to dress appropriately though, with no weed leaf symbols on your clothing. This is an important meeting in the fight to get legalized medical marijuana in Indiana, so be respectful of your surroundings and act professionally.

If you would like to make a testimony, you should call Joh Padgett at ReLegalize Indiana, who will be coordinating the speakers for the day. His number is (317) 560-4420.

So, in summary:

The marijuana penalties in Indiana are harsh and possession of a single joint could earn you a year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Your support is needed urgently.



  1. They don’t want you to get it illegally but when your trying to get a medical card you can’t! I feel that I should be able yo make the decision with my doctor’s what’s best for me!
    I use marijuana for years because of my chronic back pain and I was able to live a normal life but now I can barely walk I have to use a cane now and I can’t enjoy my life at all! But because I wanted to do it the legal way I am now paying for it! I beg the law makers to legalize it! And these petty arrest we make for it would end and we could keep the bad ones behind bars instead of letting them out because of over population of the jails and they could tax it and make money for the state!

  2. Thanks for inform us for re-legalize use of marijuana in Indiana. Now may I able to get medical marijuana card in Indiana?

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