Hash Oil a Cure for Cancer? – Online Medical Trial

Cannabis is getting more well-known of its medical benefits, however it has just recently been published that there is strong evidence suggesting marijuana (hash oil or hemp oil) may cure cancer. It had been known that marijuana could settle patients’ stomach having chemotherapy but as the results of researches proved, it appeared to be a cancer cure for some patients.

This is not only interesting but also especially meaningful for me as my mum died of a brain tumour when I was 18. Obviously it was a really difficult time, what made it worse was the fact that the doctors said there was no chance for her to survive as they could not operate and chemotherapy would only give her a few extra months to live. However the chemotherapy would make her feel really sick. We decided that we would rather her have some quality of life and hence declined the treatment.

It was really frustrating that we could not even try some herbal remedy or drugs that would have given her a fighting chance for life. We hoped for a miracle which never came, she died 2 and half months after being diagnosed with cancer.

Many current conventional treatments such as chemotherapy are unpleasant and often do not work. Normally, they give the patient a few extra months of life, whilst making them feel unwell during these months.

The problem is that many doctors do not know that hemp oil can be used as a potential cure for cancer or it is illegal for them to prescribe this alternative medicine.

There are some interesting articles from respected sources to suggest that certain compounds within marijuana could be use to slow the growth of tumours or even cure the cancer:

  • CancerResearchUK.org – In this paper the Spanish researchers were using purified man-made cannabinoids, which were originally found in Cannabis. They were investigating how to harness the cancer-fighting powers of these chemicals without the mind-bending ones.
  • Phoenix Tears – Ricks’s Cancer Journey, an amazing real life story. Rick Simpson is a real authority when it comes to Hemp Oil and Cancer. If you have any expert questions please visit his site, I am sure he will be happy to help you.
  • What if Cannabis Cured Cancer (Movie Trailer) – Len Richmond who made this movie was the person who let me know that marijuana could be a cure for most types of cancer. His movie has received really positive feedback.

You are probably thinking if this can cure cancer or slow the growth of tumours, why don’t pharmaceutical companies produce marijuana cancer drugs. There are 3 possible reasons why they do not produce these drugs:

  1. It is illegal drug in many states in the USA and countries across the world.
  2. Also it is possible for people to make hemp oil. Hence drug companies would miss out on business which they do not like, their No. 1 goal is to maximize profit.
  3. There have not been enough medical trials to prove without doubt that hemp oil can be used to fight cancer.

It is quite surreal for me that almost 18 years after my mum’s death I may have the opportunity to help other people from having their family ripped apart by cancer.

It would be great if we could get hemp oil to be prescribed by doctors in all legal medical marijuana states and eventually in all countries across the world.

Fortunately, my blog has become one of the most popular “medical marijuana” sites across the world. So people tend to respect what is said on this site. Therefore there is a decent chance with your help we could make a real difference for thousands of people who have cancer.

This made me thinking what is the best way to people diagnosed with cancer. It seems to me that there needs to more medical marijuana Cancer trials across the legalized medical marijuana states. This would gain publicity and encourage pharmaceutical companies to make marijuana pills.

There has been a medical marijuana trial in Colorado to see whether it could be a cancer cure. I will try to find out the results of the trial and comment on this post, but there needs to be more trials:

To do full medical marijuana trials is very expensive. However with your help we can set a free online medical marijuana trial.

MedicalMarijuanaBlog.com – Cancer and Hemp Oil Trial

  1. If you know of someone who has cancer and lives in a legalized medical marijuana state or country, please get them to read this post. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend using hemp oil if it is illegal for medical purposes where you live.
  2. Check out our dispensary posts, for information on how to get medical marijuana.
  3. Here is some excellent information on how to make hemp oil.
  4. Then keep a daily diary about your health a week before you start taking the hemp oil. Make a short daily entry and submit your diary after 1 month. Resubmit your diary every week, using the same publishing name. If you want to protect your identity feel free to use a pen name.
  5. If you have skin cancer rub the hemp oil over the skin cancer and put a band aid over it. If you have another form of cancer, you need to inhale, ideally using a vaporizer or eat the marijuana in your favourite marijuana recipe. Or you may even like to make marijuana tea, this is a popular method as tea is so popular. Just realise if you use hemp oil in your cooking or tea it may taste a little strange as many recipes are designed for marijuana buds.
  6. If you decide to try Hemp Oil please let your doctor know that you want to do this as it is important he is kept in the loop.
  7. You may also want to also try surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy, or an alternative diet. Please make sure you mention this in your cancer diary which you post on this blog. If you do beat cancer and use these cancer treatments, it may be that the Hemp Oil was not the cure for your cancer. In order to make this as scientific as possible we need to consider all factors that may be responsible for curing your cancer.
  8. We can not guarantee that Hemp Oil will cure your cancer, however it does give you a fighting chance.
  9. This might sound horrible but if you do get really sick and it is difficult for you to make the post to the internet or keep up with your diary. Please tell one of your family or your friends about this online medical trial. That way they can help keep your online diary up to date.

For this trial to work we need plenty of people to take part, it may just save your life and many others. Even if it does not work it helps cancer patients to share feelings which can help their mental well being.

If you have any questions about the cancer medical marijuana trial, please post a comment and I will endeavour to answer your questions quickly.



  1. My mother has just recently been diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme. She has already under gone surgery and 6 weeks of chemo and radiation treatment – to no avail. I would like to try the Hemp Oil to give her some comfort and peace as her time left quickly dwindles. I live in SC – she lives in GA. How can I buy this product?

  2. I am grateful to Doctor Henderson for saving my life with his Cannabis oil with the highest potency of THC content in it, my heart is filled with joy that i am no more a cancer patient anymore and i will assure you that your Cancer, MS, lupus, Blood pressure, Arthritis and so many more diseases and health challenges will be cured by his cannabis oil and other medication. i have so far recommended 9 patients to purchase this medication from Dr. Henderson and they have all shown me the highest gratitude that i never thought i will received and they all are no more cancer patients. totally cured of all this various diseases, for help on getting the cannabis medication contact Dr. Henderson: hendersonmedicalservice@gmail.com ,
    God has used this man to put smile on thousand of peoples face and i am a living weakness.contact Dr. Henderson: hendersonmedicalservice@gmail.com,.

    • Warning:
      There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Smith Williams, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald, Dr. Bryan Vance etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Unfortunately I am the one of their victims. Be careful and don’t trust them and in any of their “stories”!!!

  3. I’m Jennifer Onno from Canada and Thanks to God Almighty for allowing me to try Dr. Henderson Hemp Oil for my lungs cancer, with gratitude to Dr. Henderson i had a miraculous healing and am telling everybody about this great Healing with his Hemp Oil.

    I have been on Dr. Henderson Hemp Oil for 4months and i just went to do my Lungs Cancer test and i was told that i have no more cancer.
    God am so grateful for all you have done for me concerning my health with the Help of Dr. Henderson and his Hemp Oil service.
    If it was not for Dr. Henderson i would be regretting my life now and crying my eyes out.
    for all those who have cancer problems please contact Dr. Henderson on via email: hendersonmedicalservice@gmail.com and see to your cancer problems solved.
    I am a living witness of Dr. Henderson Hemp Oil Service and i am so grateful to him for saving my life. Doctor Henderson Contact:hendersonmedicalservice@gmail.com

    Thank you Dr. Henderson

    • Warning:
      There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald, Dr. Bryan Vance etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Unfortunately I am the one of their victims. Be careful and don’t trust them and in any of their “stories”!!!

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  5. i have cancer and would like to try THC oil.

    i do not need info on how to make the oil, since i have a friend who can supply me with 98% pure THC oil.

    what i need to know is how to take the oil.

    1) Dosage – I have read that 2 teaspoons per day is usual, is this correct, can you advise me on this? Also, is it best to ingest it using a spoon, or put the oil in capsules and swallow? or how about suppositories? (I have prostate cancer).

    2) I have also read that one should take the oil for 3 weeks. is that sufficient time? Please let me know, for me, getting the oil is not a problem. The info is need is the proper way to take it.

    Thank you very much!



    • google “run from the cure”. watch the videos. they will tell you all you need to know.

  6. I would like to try the oil, to get rid of the inflammation in my back and knees from an injury.

    I do not take any pain medications, because it almost destroyed my insides. I can keep it under control with tumeric and other herbs, but I live in a cancer cluster neighborhood, and 3 people died with brain tumors within one block, including my Mother, and another died from a seizure. There are so many dying in my neighborhood and the surround area from cancer. I have industrialized Organic Hemp Oil that is legal, but I do not think it will kill brain tumors and other cancers.

    People who have chronic inflammation is a sign of cancer, and so I pray the oil becomes available. I am not one who likes to high, and I do not drink alcohol, but I would like to try the oil that cures cancer and other diseases. It should be my right. It was horrying what my Mother went through with the drugs they gave my Mother.

    They made her hallucinate, turn mean, thinned out her skin, caused her drug induced diabetes, and destroyed her immune system to where she actually died from MRSA (the most deadly drug resistant staff infection) and not the brain tumor. The drugs Big Pharma makes legal are horrifying and kill people. I would much rather have something natural that not only has a possbility of curing a disease, but something that will not kill me or destroy my health.

  7. I’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer and am currently looking to alternatives to chemo that work. This drug seems to be amazing and should be available to all for treatment.

  8. My 18 year old niece in Vancouver has a grade IV glioma (brain tumour). Doctors say they have nothing to offer to cure her and nothing which might cure her so she has about a year to live. No parent wants to hear this so my brother did a lot of research and a week ago she started on a tiny amount of cannabis/hash oil high in THC.

    He got permission from the Compassionate Medical board which can do this for terminally ill patients and they told him where in Vancouver he could get it! My brother has informed her doctors and they are supportive of giving this a try. If this works or helps my brother is hoping to get this information out there. There is too much anecdotal evidence on cannabis oil curing cancer for it to be a hoax.

    It seems the large pharmaceutical companies don’t want such a cheap miracle cure to be trialled, but if it works it’s criminal to keep it secret. After less than a week my niece says she has so much more energy and is sleeping well. We are interested to hear about the trial mentioned above.

  9. I live in Norway, and i have cancer. I have the oportunity to go to holland. But can anyone help me to find a supplyer or some contact for hemp oil?

    • Please seek out hash oil that is the thick glutinous stuff that works and not hemp oil available widely but of little use

  10. Can anyone suggest where one would get Hemp Oil? I live in FL and my Mom has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Small Cell Carcinoma. I have no clue how to grow or make it and I need it fast!!!

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  12. My dog Shy [(pit bull) 7 years old] had cancer we had it removed and the more spots showed up on her skin the vet said it was more cancer.

    She is not a good dog at the vet so we could not do chemo pulse it is so costly and she is a holy terror at the vet so she would have to be sedated every time. I did not just want to give up on her so we tried hemp oil. A few weeks of treatment and the spots are gone!!

    I have the pictures to prove it!! I was treating her topically and orally. I am still do it orally encase of any other cancer that may be in her body but the cancer on her front and back leg are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you tell me..:)

    • Our beagle has practically overnight developed an enormous tumour which has been verified by a vet as cancer.
      We are giving her a toothpick tip amount of Simpson oil on food once a day. This is the 3rd day. We have no idea if this “dose” is adequate.
      Also, we don’t know if we should apply it topically to the tumour site, or how much, or how often…can you or anyone else provide some guidance?
      She is an elderly beagle that we found in the road – some uncaring person had “dumped” her. We love her and would do anything to heal her.

  13. I have four tumors in me i found a site that said hemp oil would help rid these tumors so now I make sure i keep at least three to four bottles in my refrigerator. The tumors seem to be shrinking.

    I have only been taking hemp oil for a few months. I hope I am on the right track I don’t want to have surgery.

    • Loretta,

      You say you keep 3 or 4 viles in the fridge, how do I get it?

      My Mom was just diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma, very aggressive cancer and I honestly feel that this is a better way of treatment then chemo and radiation.

      She doesn’t have much time left and they’re trying really hard to push her into the standard of care.

      If anyone can tell me how and where to get it please do, I’m desperate!

  14. she finally started using the hemp products, what a difference. She gained weight, got her color back, after 7 years the fx of radiation took its toll.. 1945-2010. The moral of the story is find a hemp level and maintain it, dont wait for this kind of event.

  15. I have stage 4 advanced lung cancer and deperately need this stuff. email me if anyone can provide this medicine???

  16. I have been using hemp for over 40 yrs, my sister, not at all, in 2003 she had carsamelenoma “slow moving cancer” with 7 1/2 Weeks of radiation, she finally started using the hemp products, what a difference. She gained weight, got her color back, after 7 years the fx of radiation took its toll.. 1945-2010. The moral of the story is find a hemp level and maintain it, dont wait for this kind of event.

  17. I recently had the opportunity to do some research on this subject. Going into this research topic I had no idea where I stood, quite honestly, I still don’t. However, while researching this topic I learned a lot of the benefits of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

    With the growing rates of cancer cases I can see how legalizing Marijuana for medicinal purposes could be a good thing. I read about an experiment conducted by Dr. Donald Abrams, Cancer and Integrative Medicine Specialist. The objective of the experiment was to determine the effect of smoked cannabis on the neuropathic pain of HIV- associated sensory neuropathy.

    I found it interesting that the immune function of these patients improved, they were also able to gain more weight than the patients not smoking the cannabis. Obviously marijuana has some impact on the improvement of patients with certain diseases, but how will we ever know if it is a cure for such things as cancer and AIDS?

    Will this marijuana trial really help doctors come to the conclusion that marijuana is the cure? It makes me think that maybe certain bodies react to marijuana differently than others do. Some bodies could respond positively to the effects of marijuana where as others could respond negatively.

    Now I am not an expert on this topic by any means and I still have some researching to do, but I am not completely sold on the idea that marijuana can cure cancer. However, I think that with experimenting we can come closer to finding out if it is or not.

    While reading this blog I wondered if you supported the legalization of marijuana in general or just for medicinal purposes. If it is legalized how will it be regulated? Will people be able to get it easily? Will it be abused, like so many other drugs if it is that accessible?

    I read a quote on by Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former United Stated General, “The evidence is overwhelming that marijuana can relieve certain types of pain nausea, vomiting and other symptoms caused by such illnesses as multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS—or by the harsh drugs sometimes used to treat them.”

    This quote expresses the many benefits of marijuana on the relief of symptoms and pain caused by these illnesses. I believe that marijuana can have an enormous impact on the relieving patients of nausea, pain and sleep deprivation, but I feel that marijuana is not the cure for these diseases. However, I would like to be proven wrong.

    I hope that one day we will be able to find a cure for these diseases so that we can help people with these illnesses overcome them. If marijuana is the cure then I hope that one day we can know that for a fact. Thank you for sharing your insights on this subject and your passion for finding a cure. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities of this drug. Thank you for your time and allowing me to give my two cents to this topic.

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