Arizona Medical Cannabis Still too Close to Call

arizona-marijuanaThe fate of Arizona’s Proposition 203, a measure to legalize the use of medical marijuana is still in the balance. At the close of polling on November 2 the result was really too close to call because postal votes still had to be counted.

Today, a full 10 days later the situation is still finely balanced: those in favor of legalizing medical marijuana are around 3,000 votes behind the anti-marijuana brigade. Even if the vote is lost this year, with the closeness of the finish it is highly likely that the proposition will reappear sooner rather than later. In fact, Morrison Institute spokesman Joe Garcia believes that next time round just a seemingly trivial change in the wording to emphasize that under no circumstances will marijuana be used for recreational purposes the measure will be passed.

As of noon yesterday, November 11, Maricopa county still had 60,000 ballots to count and County Recorder, Helen Purcell, doesn’t expect processing to be completed until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Given the closeness of the results, a recount isn’t out of the question either. So those who wish to use medical marijuana to treat their medical conditions are still none the wiser.

As of November 9, the results looked like this:

Arizona Proposition 203 – Medical Marijuana










Total Votes


53.15% turnout

Results via the Arizona Secretary of State



  1. I am thrilled that Prop 203 passed in Arizona.

    I think if we just “decriminalized” marijuana, legalized it, made it taxable like cigarettes, then we would remove the underground element, make money for our states coffers and go after real criminals that deserve to be in jail. Would put the drug cartels from Mexico out of business in our country that deal in marijuana. We could also start to grow industrial hemp, which is a great crop that has lots of uses, doesn’t need nearly the amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides that other crops require and actually puts nutrients back into the soil, so it could be a great crop for rotation.

    There are many positive aspects to legalizing all of this and like anything else, it’s about education and over coming fears.

  2. How do I find out about the regulations and licensing for growing providing medical marijuana to dispensaries in Arizona?

  3. It passed but I was reading into it, and so far it clearly states specific illness’.How far do you think I would get if I set up a petition to put depresion under as a qualifying illness? I know I would get enough singnatures,but could it even go through. I would appreciate any suggestions.

  4. And what’s the point for keeping HEMP ILLEGAL? Have you seen how the country can benefit from this harmless plant? Why not make a rose illegal? Or better yet, corn!! See how rediculous? Have you ever tried to smoke hemp?? Yeah, it tastes like hay and doesn’t do anything. So please don’t confuse hemp and marijuana.

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