Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

Unmistakably pungent and super piney smelling, the now famous Trainwreck weed originated in Humboldt, California, though some say it was Arcata, California. There is also some debate as to whether it was born on a hill orRead more ›

The top 10 high yielding Marijuana Strains

As always, these seeds and strains will only reach their maximum potentials if bred and taken care of properly. A lot of these strains you will recognize as commonplace in medical marijuana dispensaries–and that’s no coincidence. HigherRead more ›


Ice Marijuana Seeds

Ice, an indoor super white cannabis strain, is highly regarded by the medical marijuana community.


LSD Marijuana Seeds

This old skunk variety, LSD cannabis, is so named because of its powerful, trippy effect.


Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds

Hindu Kush is supposedly the first strain of cannabis ever to be brought out of the Orient to the West and is used as the base for many medical marijuana preparations


Afghan Marijuana Seeds

It won’t surprise you to learn that the Afghan cannabis strain originated in Afghanistan


Og Kush Marijuana Seeds

OG Kush (the OG stands for Ocean Grown) has been made famous by various rappers, including Snoop Dog. It’s been a favourite of celebrity cannabis users for years but has only recently come to the notice of medical marijuana patients