How to Open an Approved Marijuana Dispensary

open a medical marijuana dispensaryBecause each state has its own medical marijuana laws, it’s difficult to be prescriptive about how you should go about opening up your own medical marijuana dispensary and, to be honest, the ethos of these clinics varies from state to state too. One thing they have in common, however, is the belief that marijuana is a safe and effective medication for a number of medical conditions.

What you must remember up-front though is that the FDA do not agree with you! In fact, the FDA categorically states that ‘smoking herbal marijuana has a high potential for abuse.’

It is also sobering to remember that four out of five medical marijuana dispensaries or compassion clubs close within the first year of operation.

Because you will have many legal hurdles to overcome, we strongly suggest that you seek legal help from a specialist lawyer before you start your business. Lawyers working in the field have a treasure trove of essential information essential to starting your business. So, rule number one is:

Learn the Medical Marijuana Laws in Your Area

A good place to start is the Norml Legal Committee

Once you have a good grounding in local medical marijuana laws, you can begin thinking about what you need to do to set up your dispensary. Probably your best move is to contact already established clinics and dispensaries. There are a number of procedures involved – and plenty of red tape. If you are seeking approval then, of course, the procedures and policies you set for your dispensary will be open to close scrutiny – better to get it right first time.  So, rule number two is:

Get Yourself some Medical Marijuana Training from a Professional

Now you come to the exciting bit, setting up your shop. Take a look at our comprehensive guideline to setting up a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Next time we’ll look at finding the right building for your medical marijuana dispensary.

If you are serious about opening up a medical marijuana dispensary, I would recommend buying this How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary Guide“.



  1. Hi my name is travis, im looking into opening a mmc in my area and need alot of info if possible email me some info , or any reccomended books, or anything if possible, thank u will be appreciated.

  2. Hello Trish,
    I am sorry to report that you can not open a new dispensary in Colorado until at least July 2012. The legislature extending a moratorium. But you can buy an existing dispensary. I wrote a book to help people get in the business. check it out,

  3. I am trying to open a dispensary in Conifer, Co. . I ran a successful Flower shop and I’m confident there is a high need for one up here. It’s only a win ,win, situation. : Having a hard time getting started. Any suggestions?

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