Two Major Marijuana Research Companies Are Merging

marijuana_research_company_001Steep Hill Laboratories is located in Oakland, California. The purpose of this independently owned company is to research and screen cannabis where such services are needed. Obviously, dispensaries first come to mind as potential customers of QuantaCann, a device that analyzes your bud and tells you the percentage of THC and CBD. Their missions is very noble and that is to make sure that the distribution of cannabis is provided with hardcore quality control so both the distributors and the customers know exactly what they’re dealing with. By doing so, Steep Hill is hoping to implement specific quality standards in the marijuana industry.

Halen Scientific pretty much have the same mission as Steep Hill, only they are more focused on research and safety screening. Therefore, it makes perfect sense why the two of them are merging. Even though they were founded in January 2011, they have already managed to test over 4,000 marijuana samples for safety, terpenes, etc. In their own words, they are the most sophisticated cannabis screening company in the U.S. as they provide their clients with the most comprehensive cannabinoid profile.

Time For Testing

The timing of such a merger is impeccable as the green rush is in full swing and Colorado, Washington and Massachusetts are currently the first in line to use the services of these two companies. Since the legalization efforts are bound to continue, it is only a matter of time before marijuana is legal for recreational use in the entire U.S. Therefore, this is a company that is here to stay and it would probably be wise to invest in their stock options because this is going to boom, there is no doubt about it. Their new name is Steep Hill-Halent.

Medical marijuana research is something that has been kept on the down low since pharmaceutical companies don’t really need a universal plant that will make most of the illnesses go away as it will definitely hurt their business. That’s why all you mostly see around the web are thousands of testimonials of people who have consumed medical marijuana. If you dig a little deeper, you find out that there is a certain amount of research on the topic but it’s not being mentioned that much in the media or if it is – it is mostly negative.

Merger Approved, What’s Next?

First impression about this merger is that it will provide more thorough marijuana research that could eventually yield enough satisfactory data needed to legalize marijuana on a national level. A decade ago, that sounded like a pipe dream but today it’s much more realistic. The reasons why we believe this actually may work is because these are privately owned independent research companies that so far haven’t had any government pressure but that doesn’t mean that won’t happen in the future.



  1. 9 surgeries to spine…blood transfusion 1980…hep C….recieved liver transplant 9 weeks ago…Dr.s said fungus in hemp can’t be treated…I ve grown my own for 13 yrs…and smoked for 44 yrs…havent smoke in 2 yrs to quilifie for transplant…but back still cronic pain….fought for legalization several yrs…never heard of incureable , life threatning fungus…any truth to this…?

    • That’s a new one on us Pamela, and we’ve been at this for quite some time. Sounds unlikely. Anybody else heard of this?

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