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There has been some research done on various strains, but not nearly enough. There are thousands of strains currently out there and it is kind of crazy to assume their gene pool is also the same as it used to be. You know, somewhere along the way Alaskan Thunderfuck got crossed with Super Lemon Haze but it’s still called the same. That’s not something you can avoid. Much like everybody keeps coming up with their own names for strains, even for those who already have names.

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Too Many Strains

The point is – it can get confusing. Especially, if you are a novice looking not to necessarily get stoned on the couch but to actually benefit from the weed as much as possible. For some people, that benefit comes in the form of THC. But for others, CBD is the most important part of the strain. According to research, here are a couple of strains that truly excel in their CBD content.

CBD Extreme’s

Zen is a hybrid strain grown with pain, nausea, Chron’s disease and anxiety in mind. If that’s not a handful, we don’t know what is. The parents of this strain are Mexican Sativa and Afghani. Being 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, this bad boy is not only high in CBD but also highly valued in the medical community.

Sour Tsunami is another hybrid that has a rich history behind it. It is considered to be the first modified strain in the world. The reason for modification? You guessed it – higher CBD content. For a sativa dominant strain such as this one, her reputation is strongly felt to this day.

Purple Cheese is more of a weird hybrid, mostly because it is Indica dominant. It also came out of a threesome: Lowryder, Blue Cheese and Purple #1. Supposedly, it is a terrific pain reliever and a pretty strong strain that is high in CBD content.

Warlock is also Indica dominant. It comes in the form of a hybrid from parents Afghani and a classic skunk strain, whose name nobody really nailed down just yet. If you are suffering from ADHD, anxiety and joint inflammation, this strain might be appropriate for you so check it out as the CBD content is pretty high in this one.

Blueberry Essence sounds like it was grown on the slopes of Beverly Hills but we’re not that far of. Born and raised in California, this CBD rich strain carries a fruity aroma and is more than appropriate for anxiety and insomnia.

The Catatonic strain sounds devilish but that’s only because of its CBD content. This is the only strain that has the same amount of CBD and THC. Thus, making it the only strain with which you wish there was more THC, because that also means more CBD. Oh, and their parent’s names sound like top-secret military programs: Ultra MK and G-13.

Valentine X is a wonderful strain dedicated to fighting epilepsy and, obviously, named after St. Valentine who, apparently, was the very saint of that disorder. The absolute mind blowing fact with this strain is that it has a 25:1 THC content.


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