Medical Marijuana & PTSD

Medical Marijuana Instead of Chemotherapy

Marijuana can be tricky in terms of its effectiveness. It’s one thing to pick a marijuana strain for a physical illness. However, if you’re suffering from a mental illness, you should be extra careful when choosing which strain suits you best. Various studies have shown that cannabis is a great pain reliever and even reduces anxiety. However, over time, since you have a condition that requires you to consume weed, you might find yourself in a bit of a conundrum. Because, after you become a daily smoker, you will inevitably get hooked and going a day without weed might seem a bit awkward at first. Slight depression might kick in; you start feeling nervous, shaky and in general – pissed off, even though you don’t have a valid reason. Those are some of the main concerns that medical professionals have when prescribing the drug to a patient that has a mental disability, no matter how meaningless the disorder may be.

Strains for Mental Disorders?

When choosing a strain that would be used to treat a mental disorder, you have to educate yourself and even experiment with a couple of strains until you find one that works best for you. For instance, Arizona is about to consider patients with PTSD eligible for medical marijuana. We believe patients with PTSD should definitely be given the right to use marijuana for medical purposes. However, and that’s a big HOWEVER, we think that strains should be heavily regulated, if not directly prescribed by medical professionals, especially in the case of PSTD patients. The debilitating condition should become a part of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. We will know for sure in January 2014.

Cannabis or Support Groups?

The whole thing started with a petition. But don’t get your hopes up, not everyone is on the weed side of the PTSD patients. Naturally, the opposition believes that veterans would be better off if they went to support groups or visited hospitals that treat PTSD. While that suggestion sounds logical, it also sounds very temporary. Surely, the support groups last for only a small portion of time in a given day. How will the patient continue to cope with his life after he leaves the group? When he’s alone at home starring at the ceiling thinking if today will be the day that he is going to blow his brains out? That is why weed is a good ally in this case, it can relieve the patient of depressive thoughts, help him cope with everyday life and even put a smile on his face. That’s not so bad, now is it?

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