Legal Marijuana USA

The topic of legal marijuana and legal medical marijuana is very popular at the moment. The vast majority of people are for the legalization of medical marijuana and still many think marijuana should also be legal in the USA.

Today I thought I would share one of our reader’s thoughts on legalizing marijuana:

I think marijuana should be legal because it really does help for pain, to sleep, mellows you out and gives you a GREAT felling. I really don’t see a problem in smoking it, its not addicting like all other drugs.

Plus Alcohol is so much worse. You always hear of people drinking and driving, getting into accidents and killing innocent people but never about anyone smoking marijuana and killing people. Alcohol is much more dangerous than marijuana and everyone knows that but no one wants to admit it. If marijuana was legal more and more people would not even think about doing other hard core drugs to get them high.

I think the only reason people go for other drugs is because in order to get most jobs today they require a drug test and they get scared to risk smoking marijuana, having it stay in there system for a long period of time, and failing the drug test, so they move on to the drugs that only stay in their system for a day or two. That’s how they get addicted.

Also if someone gets caught smoking, buying, or even just having it on them they could go on probation, or go to jail, they cant smoke marijuana so they go to the other hard core drugs again to get them high and they don’t have to worry as much about any drug test that they might have coming up.

My point is that there is so much more drugs in this world that the government should be worried about then MARIJUANA! You never hear that someone died because they had marijuana in their system but you do from Alcohol and other narcotics. DEFINITLY ALCOHOL! So legalize Marijuana.



  1. Don’t think that they aren’t already trying to figure out ways to tax legalized marijuana. The second the have established a system to heavily tax and otherwise regulate the growth of the plant and control it’s distribution, everything will be completely “legalized” for consumption by legal aged public.

    I’m all for decriminalization vs legalization.

    Leave things the way they are now, just quit throwing people in jail and fining people for shit that shouldn’t be illegal at all.

    It’s the ease at which marijuana can be grown in the home that is holding the legalization back. if the government were to completely legalize it, obviously a lot of us would just start to grow free of worries. they can’t be having that now, lol…

  2. I feel that marijuana should be legalized. I have two young sons, and would much rather them smoke than try other more harmful drugs. Plus, there has never been any history of any crimes committed with the use of marijuana.

    Also, I feel that marijuana should be legal for any United States citizen to be able to smoke, not just if they have health problems. Marijuana has been know to help thousands of people with their health problems, if it is legal for all to enjoy then that could get hundreds of thousands of health issues very few due to many people would never be diagnosed with the health issue. All because they were always able to take care of themselves by being able to use marijuana.

    I also feel that you could even use the Religion factor. God made all living things, including plants. Marijuana is a plant. it was put on this earth by God for the use of all of his human creation.
    why does the government actually think that their above God? And yes, I realize that some people could argue that cocaine should be legalize as well because it derives from the Coca plant.

    But no in fact that is just the opposite. Cocaine is made in a lab using the Coca plant, Marijuana is the the plant itself. No lab or other chemical process is used to get your high from marijuana. You just go out and pick it.

  3. We the people, in order to form a more perfect nation, must insist to our elected officials that marijuana is not dangerous. The weed could be legalized and taxed thus helping our government fund itself. Our judicial system would feel the relief from legalization. People would actually mellow out. Less war would be a good thing. Peace is the answer.

    I feel that pharmacutical companies and corrupted or just plain ignorant government officials are hindering the legalization process. Cops like busting people. Keeping marijuana illegal helps to justify their redneck behaviorisms.

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